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Who's Your Alter Ego?

  • SoundCloud - Black Circle

obviously we love a costume party cause it's cool to be someone else for a minute. plus wearing a disguise is liberating & fun. but there are times when the masks we wear aren't necessarily by choice. when we aren't seen, or aren't allowed to be authentic, inhabiting your second self can feel more like a burden. this episode is about both of those experiences -- the alter egos we choose and the ones imposed upon us.


+ We talk to Kyla McCracken aka Belinda Julep, the host of a variety show called Smoochin’ Cuties 
+ One woman recalls her secret life as a submissive in “The Unicorn” 
+ Diana Veiga describes her double life in the office in a piece called “Code Switch” 
Bounce Queen Big Freedia tells her origin story 

who’s your alter ego? what are you hiding? call 406.28.BITCH and tell us your dirty secrets


Jazz Bras Dot Com performs this week’s outro song: “Passive Aggressive Feminism" 

more music credits:
“Favorite Secrets” by Waylon Thorton
“Sgt Frog” by Blank & Kytt
“Rock” by Blank & Kytt
“The Time To Run (Finale)” by Dexter Britain
“catch a wave” by Duke Hugh
“Another Version of You” by Chris Zabriskie
“Ball Drop” by Ryan Little
“Biscuits” by Lambent

This episode was produced by Elyssa Dudley.

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