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Whose imagination are you living in?

In a remote location north of the Bay Area we didnt so much escape reality as re-create it. The landscape — the fog, the tall trees, the fields dotted with craters and other land art — was a canvas that we played with projecting onto. For two weeks (the length of our residency) we got to live inside of our own imaginations. (Whose imagination are we living in normally? What are we subtly taught to fear? To worship?) In our utopic visions art and queers and femmes have power. Our utopia is creative and collaborative and fun.

On the sun porch, we listened to BUFU — our interviews with Kat, Jazmine, Tsige, and Sonia last summer — and heard more signs of utopic scheming & also signs of emergence, the theory of political organizing popularized by the writer and activist adrienne maree brown. Actually, it was BUFU who first told us about Emergent Strategy, when we were just starting to make our own forays into collective organizing and programming.


adrienne says imagination is a battle. So whose imagination are you living in? 


And whose will win? 




Alllll the things we talk about in this episode:


BUFU: By Us For Us

Scamming the Patriarchy

Mountains That Take Wing 

"It G Ma” x Keith Ape

The History Behind Kendrick Lamar's New 'Kung Fu Kenny’ Nickname (Complex)

Yellow Jackets Collective

Emergent Strategy

How To Survive the End of the World

adrienne maree brown on transformative media

adrienne maree brown on the imagination battle

This Will Take Time

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beats provided by Kitty Crimes


outro music is "The Twilight Zone” x The Uhuruverse ft. Jupiter Black





bitchface is written, recorded, hosted + produced by Nicole Kelly & Phoebe Unter. This ep was mixed by Phoebe & mastered by Anna Arboles.

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