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Against the Couple Form #2: Intimacy

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"Libidinal flows cut through the social world.”


Desire, sensuality, romance, sex — they dont exist in a vacuum, somehow free from the politics that dictate our public lives.


"Desire flows and circulates amongst places of employment, intellectual debates, political organizing, artistic circles, playgrounds, and cemeteries.”


Post-couple form, we began to look elsewhere for connection. In this episode we’re guided by our burning questions: Can touching your friends be sensual, without being sexual? Can friendships be fluid — romantic one day, and not the next? What is the boundary between friendship and romance? Is there a boundary at all?


INTIMACY is part 2 of a three part series on our search for solidarity and intimacy.

This episode includes excerpts from “Against the Couple Form” by Clemence X. Clementine & Associates from the Infinite Venom Girl Gang in LIES Vol. I, voiced by Mandy Harris Williams.

Tate Ashley is a writer, artist and intimacy coach based in New York. Find out more about their work on


Music compliments of LINAFORNIA and Chioma the Audio Artist

bitchface is written, recorded, hosted + produced by Nicole Kelly & Phoebe Unter. This episode was mastered by Kora Colasuonno.

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