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Against the Couple Form #1: Love

  • SoundCloud - Black Circle

"The couple functions as the threshold, the admission fee, the golden key that allows a woman to participate in the social world. The couple grants a woman personhood and social visibility. She obtains a title, a temporality, a space through the couple. Marriage enshrines this logic…”

In this episode, fluid friends Taylor & Alys explain why their most important relationship is the one they have with each other. LOVE is part 1 of a three part series on our search for solidarity and intimacy.

This episode includes excerpts from “Against the Couple Form” by Clemence X. Clementine & Associates from the Infinite Venom Girl Gang [LIES Vol. I], voiced by Mandy Harris Williams. Music compliments of LA native Linafornia

Taylor Yates is the editor-in-chief of Selfish. Alys Velazquez is a poet & photographer.

bitchface is written, recorded, hosted + produced by Nicole Kelly & Phoebe Unter. Production assist on this episode by Kora Colasuonno. 

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