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A Woman on the Road Is Alone

  • SoundCloud - Black Circle

"A man on the road is solitary," the writer Vanessa Veselka said. "A woman on the road is just alone."


Veselka thumbed rides for three years as a teenager & never once saw another girl hitching. We've got wanderlust too, and we don't need company. But like Veselka, we could think of a lot of stories about men on the road alone and not so many tales about women traveling solo. (If there's one thing this patriarchal society hates, it's a woman with agency doing whatever the f--k she wants.) So we hitchhiked to Vegas in protest of that tradition. WE OUT HERE.


This episode was produced by Elyssa Dudley, with original narration by Nicole Kelly, and inspired by "Green Screen: The Lack of Female Road Narratives and Why it Matters" by Vanessa Veselka. 

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