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New Year's Revolutions

  • SoundCloud - Black Circle

Feminism has always had a cyclical momentum, both in the broader movement and in our personal lives. And so this episode is about how we revolt, and also how we revolve, how we change and transform, the ways we rotate and orbit around the same feelings, or how we get over it, evolve, & move on.

In this episode:


++ Writer & illustrator Yumi Sakugawa reading “7 Rituals From the Feminist Utopia: Prebirth to Postdeath” from The Feminist Utopia Project


++ Kelsey Nolan on breaking up & moving on in “His & Hers”


++ "Sad Sax Song" by Leah Menzer, the realest break up song of 2016



This episode was hosted by NK & Phoebe & produced by Elyssa Dudley.

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