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Against the Couple Form 3: Vulnerability

  • SoundCloud - Black Circle

"Make love. Anything can be sex. The body is rich and varied in its parts and sensations. So many ecstasies have yet to be felt. Get away from the genital organisation of ‘sexuality.’"


The rules:
everything is negotiable
domination is care 
ask for what you want
get a yes
be honest

This is how we learned to get uncomfortably close. VULNERABILITY is part 3 of a three part series on our search for solidarity and intimacy.

This episode includes excerpts from "Against the Couple Form” by Clemence X. Clementine & Associates from the Infinite Venom Girl Gang (LIES Vol. I), voiced by Mandy Harris Williams.

Tate Ashley is a Cuddle Domme based in LA & NYC. Book your sesh on


This season’s theme music is compliments of LA native Linafornia

bitchface is written, recorded, hosted + produced by Nicole Kelly & Phoebe Unter. This episode was mastered by Kora Colasuonno.

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